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My Forever Family NSW

From 2 July 2018, My Forever Family NSW is the new provider of carer support services across NSW. My Forever Family NSW is run by Adopt Change in conjunction with Prosper (Project Australia) and Early Start Discovery Space.

Who will they support?

My Forever Family NSW will support current carers and assist all people interested in providing foster care, guardianship or open adoption. My Forever Family NSW is committed to providing equitable access and culturally appropriate support for all carers including Aboriginal and culturally and linguistically diverse carers. My Forever Family NSW will provide support and services to all carers including:

  • kinship and relative carers
  • emergency foster carers
  • respite foster carers
  • short-term carers
  • restoration carers
  • long-term carers
  • guardians
  • potential guardians
  • potential open OOHC adoptive parents
  • OOHC adoptive parents.

My Forever Family NSW will also work with non-government organisations to promote the recruitment, training and support needs of carers.

What will they do?

My Forever Family NSW will provide carers with recruitment, training, professional support, peer support and advocacy services. These will include:

  • Face-to-face and online training (beginning in a limited way from 2 July but growing from there)
  • Telephone support service (including out-of-hours support)
  • Face-to-face support if required in case of serious matters
  • Education and learning resources
  • Advocacy with NGOs and FACS to address concerns that relate to most carers
  • Peer to peer support groups and mentor program
  • Recruitment of new foster carers, including those who would like to be ‘restoration’ carers
  • Support for people who are on an ‘authorisation journey’.

What will they help with?

My Forever Family NSW will help you with matters such as:

  • issues with children in your care
  • issues with casework support
  • family contact for children
  • allegations/reportable conduct

What happens to Connecting Carers NSW & Fostering NSW

As of 30 June 2018 Connecting Carers NSW and Fostering NSW will cease their services to carers. My Forever Family NSW will replace both Connecting Carers and Fostering NSW. My Forever Family NSW is working with FACS, Connecting Carers NSW and Fostering NSW to ensure a smooth transition of services occurs for carers. The new service will build upon their remarkable work and the wonderful support they have provided over many years.

Connecting Carers will work with My Forever Family NSW so that there will be a planned transition to the new carer support program. If Connecting Carers NSW are supporting you with an ongoing issue they will approach you about whether you would like My Forever Family NSW to receive details about the issue. If you provide consent My Forever Family NSW will contact you for support.

How will I get into contact with them?

Email: from 2 July 2018 you can contact My Forever Family NSW via email at:

Phone: 1300 782 975


Want more information?

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