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What happens when an investigation is completed

Allegations of reportable conduct may be found to be:

  • sustained (meaning there is sufficient evidence to prove reportable conduct occurred)
  • not sustained (meaning there is insufficient evidence to prove reportable conduct occurred)
  • not reportable conduct (meaning that the investigation found that the incident or conduct did occur, but it did not reach the level of reportable conduct).

How to request a review

Carers may request a review of the findings of an investigation. To do so, they must either provide new information (that was not considered in the investigation) or explain how they think information was not properly considered in the investigation. Requests for a review of findings from a non-government agency should be sent to the head of the agency. Requests for a review of FACS findings should be sent to the address below.

Family and Community Services
Reportable Conduct Unit
Locked Bag 4028
Ashfield NSW 2131
(02) 9716 2222

If the carer is not satisfied with the review, they can contact the NSW Ombudsman and ask that the Ombudsman look into the matter.

NSW Ombudsman
(02) 9286 1000 (Sydney metro)
1800 451 524 (outside Sydney metro)

What can a carer do if authorisation is cancelled?

If an agency decides to de-authorise a carer, the carer must be advised in writing of the reasons for the decision and their appeal rights. If a carer has been de-authorised, their first option is to request an internal review by the agency. If they’re dissatisfied with this, they can ask for an independent review with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)
1300 006 228

Support for carers with an allegation against them

Carers with an allegation against them will be given contact details for organisations that can support them through the reportable conduct process and provide advice or counselling. The service is confidential and free of charge to carers.

Carers can also seek advice, advocacy and support from Connecting Carers NSW.

My Forever Family NSW
1300 782 975 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm)

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