What is ChildStory?

ChildStory is a secure website where carers can connect with the children & young people in their care, as well as FACS caseworkers.

The ChildStory website will give the people involved in caring, access to information, training, finances and allow them to contribute to the child’s story.

There are five different parts of the ChildStory website:

YOU - for Children and Young People

The most important website, this will provide a child or young person with information and tools to interact with all the people involved in their care.

Caring - for carers and families

A location for carers and family members to access information and collaborate with everyone involved in the support of a child or young person.

Partner -  for other government & Non-Government agencies

Other agencies working with a child or young person and their family will have the information they need to support them.

Casework - for FACS Caseworkers and support staff

A new system for FACS staff to access all the tools and information they need, when in the office or in the field.

Reporter - for people to raise concerns of harm

A single location to raise concerns on the welfare of children and young people and access information on how to support children who are at risk of harm.