Caring for kids

A guide for foster, relative and kinship carers

Fresh ideas & insights! New resources get carers and caseworkers talking

Check out these new resources for some incredibly useful insights. The new Understanding Trauma videos (below) provide expert advice on how trauma affects kids. Raising Tweens and Teens: a guide for carers and caseworkers looks at the different things carers and caseworkers can do to support young people through the tough teenage years. And a new set of interactive booklets, videos, posters and stickers helps children and young people understand their rights as laid out in the Charter of Rights.


    Feeling Safe


    Healthy Connections


    Adaptive Coping

  • “These kids need a break. And if you can open your heart and open your house and allow them in, you can make a world of difference.”
    — Sonia, carer, Bondi Junction
  • “I started out fostering in the hope to change children’s lives…in the end it was my life that was changed from fostering.”
    — Vikki, carer, Southern Highlands
  • “I tell everyone I come across to just do it: become a foster carer. There are so many different roles you can play. Who doesn’t have one weekend a month to make a difference to a child’s life?”
    — Tarriann, carer, Armidale
  • “Knowing we are making a difference to a child’s life and seeing the positive generational changes that can occur is so exciting.”
    — Jo-anne, carer, Blakehurst
  • “The rewards of foster care are seeing a child blossom, be settled and be happy.”
    — Liz, carer, Bankstown